Art process workshops

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The workshops are open and adapted to any person (from 15 years old), art lovers, students,
art teachers, artists, or just curious people, for whom it will be a first experience in the creation of visual art.
Our methods are based on the creative process and the search for one's own originality.
The workshops are built on a succession of intense exercises in the first part, and a space of freedom in the next.
The exercises serve to free the mind to naturally approach the creative and intimate part of each one.
The theme is an excuse, an inspiration to take a first step on a path.
It is the path that matters. 
The finality of the work is not the goal of the workshop, but the enhancement
of the processis nevertheless approached with attention.

During the year we offer 4 to 5 one-day workshops and in the summer 2 to 3 multi-day workshops.

Summer workshops - About, schedule, fee and accommodation
Workshops for groups - 
On request we can welcome groups, contact us to discuss it

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